Paul Cerame Ford has an Allstate Office right in our dealership

Just one more way Paul Cerame makes your car-buying experience as convenient as possible

Paul Cerame Ford has something you might not expect at a car dealership: a full-service Allstate Insurance Office right in our showroom.  And when it comes time to buy a new vehicle, you realize just how important of a benefit that can be.

When you buy a new vehicle, your insurance rates can change.  Most buyers, buying from most any other dealership, don't really know or think about what that change can mean.  But at Paul Cerame, you can find out right on the spot, regardless of what insurance company you have.

  • We can review your current policy to see how your new vehicle purchase will change what you pay for insurance
  • Our policy review can also determine if you are fully covered and properly protected
  • When looking at your policy, we can give you a quote for a new policy, based on the vehicle you are considering, that might save you money and/or provide you better coverage
  • We might even be able to save you enough money on insurance to afford a little more car

Plus, there is another benefit.  Paul Cerame has an on-site Collision Repair Center that is a direct repair facility with most insurance companies, including Allstate. 

So, if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, our Allstate office can help smooth the process of getting your vehicle repaired.