Fuel Economy Tips For A Lifetime

Better fuel economy starts with knowing what your car can do. Don't look at the sticker or the owner's manual for this. Instead, look at raw numbers. Look at your mileage, and monitor the mileage in real time. Look to see how far a tank gets you, and then do a little math. Once you've done that, take a few simple tips for improving MPG.

Brake Sparingly

One of the best things that you can do is rely on your brakes a little less. Don't brake all the time, and don't speed or rush to your next point. Slow down a little, and don't go with the stop and go traffic that everyone gets behind. By simply waiting a few seconds in traffic, and giving yourself less braking, you will increase your mileage.

Drive Slower

This is going to put a dapper on some people's driving, but it's true. Drive a little slower and you will manage your fuel better. No matter what car you have, you'll want to slow down to reduce the amount of gas you're consuming. Done right, this could give you a lot more miles between filling up.

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