Synthetic or Conventional Oil: Which One and Why?

Your vehicle is a precision-engineered machine with intricate parts that require lubrication. This is especially true for your engine. Regular oil changes are part of regular preventative maintenance, and there are a couple of options: synthetic and conventional oil.

You may wonder why there are two different types. Well, conventional oil, as the name implies, is the mainstay. It is derived from natural resources. Synthetic oil comes from meticulous laboratory research and testing to formulate a blend of chemicals and additives. This blend, which is often secret and proprietary, offers superior lubricity. So, your engine has better protection against wear. Your dealer's service department knows this all too well.

Make an appointment with your dealer for your next oil change. The technicians know your vehicle well, including which filter to use and which weight of oil. Take comfort in knowing that your oil change was done right by your dealer.
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