The 2017 Ford C-MAX Makes Life Easier for You

You have enough to deal with in life without having to deal with a car that doesn't make things easier for you. The 2017 Ford C-MAX is all about making things easier for you, all of you. You the hardworking professional, the dependable family member, the sociable friend, the adventurer, you deserve a car that helps you to be fully present in life.

With available features such as the hands-free liftgate access, even when your hands are full you can still access your trunk with the swift kick of your foot underneath the rear bumper of your car. You'll even have access to cloud based apps that help you to improve on your car's driving performance. You can take the most fuel efficient route to get to where you're going without missing out on a thing. This is what it's like to drive the all new Ford C-MAX. You don't have to leave one bit of yourself behind in order to enjoy the ride. See us at your local Ford dealer to find out more.
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