Our Tips to a Safer Halloween

Gremlins, vampires, ghouls, and bats are just some of the ravenous creatures that come out at night during the October celebration of Halloween. Kids love to run door to door collecting massive amounts of candy dressed as these dark creatures. But to preserve this wonderful tradition, it is important to keep our safety in mind, especially when the roads will surely be filled with candy-loving monsters.

Keeping the Night Bright

As scary as ghouls, demons, and the grim reaper are, there are warranted concerns to be acknowledged when your companions are draped in dark clothing. Drivers operating motor vehicles have trouble seeing dark colors at night so keep your costume bright with some lights or fluorescent colors.

Here at Paul Cerame Auto Group Inc., we love the energy that comes with this wonderful holiday. However, we must play our part to ensure that the love we feel for this time of year persists. Have a wonderful holiday and keep safe so next year you can collect even more candy!

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