The Security of Gap Insurance

After an accident is a bad time to learn that your insurance doesn't cover full replacement of your automobile. Often, the term "full coverage" can get thrown around. Unfortunately for drivers, many insurance policies have some glaring shortcomings.

So what do insurance policies cover?


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Liability covers anyone that you might hurt as a result of an accident. More comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs and other things. Seldom, however, will a comprehensive policy cover the full replacement of your vehicle. If you want that protection, the thing to do is get GAP insurance.

GAP is short for guaranteed asset protection. This coverage means that in the case of an accident, you can get a new car that's the same value as your old one. If you're interested in purchasing GAP insurance, contact Paul Cerame Auto Group in Florissant, MO. We can help give you more information about what you need and who to call.

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