Brake Pad Operation

When you are out driving in Florissant and you step on the brake pedal to make a quick stop, your vehicle's brake pads play a vital role in keeping you safe. The brake pads on your vehicle press against the rotor in order to slow and stop your vehicle. They prevent direct contact with the brake caliper.

Each time that you use the brakes, a minute portion of the brake pad is worn away. Over time, the pads will need to be replaced. If you look at your brakes and see that there is one-fourth of an inch or less of remaining pad, you should get new pads on your vehicle. Also, anytime that you here an unusual noise when you apply your vehicles brakes, that is a signal to get you brake pads checked out.

At Paul Cerame Ford, the service department has qualified technicians that can replace brake pads and diagnose and repair other brake problems.

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