The Value-Driven Vehicle You Want? It's Waiting in the Used Inventory at Paul Cerame Ford.

"Used." It’s a word that can put some drivers off. They envision tacky salesman pushing bad cars that will far apart after the first hundred miles. The truth couldn't be further from that. When you shop for a used car at Paul Cerame Ford, you'll find a range of excellent vehicles that deliver the value you want and the quality you need.

What exactly can you expect from us that's so special? A little bit of everything. Our used stock includes vehicles from a wide array of road favorites, not just Ford. Interested in a Nissan Altima or BMW sedan? We can show you to recent-year options for these and more. Interested in a Ford Explorer or a Dodge Durango, but not keen on paying full price? We have low-mileage used models available. If you want a great truck, our well-maintained stock can get you behind the wheel of one for less.

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The used vehicles at our dealership cost less and can often offer features and performance that are comparable to what you'd find in something brand new. When you consider the savings you can enjoy, and the lower monthly payment that can add up to, it only makes sense to give a used car a try.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to get in touch with our sales team today. The staff at our location in Florrisant, MO loves chatting with customers and would relish the chance to run you through the used options currently available at our dealership.

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