Road trips can be perfect for family fun and bonding. Why not go on a road trip in a Ford Explorer, a popular family-friendly vehicle? At Paul Cerame Ford, we have Ford Explorers for sale. Perhaps you can buy one of these SUVs before your next road trip.

And here are five things to consider bringing on a road trip:

Food and Water

Likely, you will be stopping off at Florissant, MO roadside restaurants and other places to buy something. However, it doesn't hurt to have healthy snacks in the car. Bottled water can't help when someone's thirsty, and the next restaurant is several miles away. Maybe add a reusable water bottle you can fill at stops on the way. A few snacks, such as trail mix, are good to keep, too.

A First Aid Kit

No one wants to deal with unfortunate accidents on the road, but they happen. Cuts, scrapes, and other things happen. Having access to a decent first aid kit proves valuable when an unexpected problem occurs.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Things can happen to the car, and you'll need a host of items to deal with things. A roadside emergency kit comes with many items capable of handling different mishaps. Jumper cables, roadside flares, windbreaks and rain jackets, and more assist during emergencies. Make sure your spare tire is in good condition, too. And keep the smartphone charged.

Comfort Items

When pulling into a rest stop, you want to be comfortable. A travel pillow and a blanket help. Passengers can use them during the drive. When driving an SUV, you can flatten out the seats and use an inflatable air mattress in the cargo area.

Spare Smartphone

Losing your smartphone or having trouble getting service undermines safety on a road trip. A spare pay-go phone could help in an emergency. Also, a portable wi-fi device comes in handy, as you never want to be out of the internet loop.

Check Out the Ford Explorer

Come and see the Ford Explorers available at our showroom in Florissant, MO. Ask our sales reps about setting up a test drive. We know you'll appreciate the Ford Explorer.