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Service FAQ

Everyone has the moment when their car presents a problem that is a complete mystery. If you're stumped by what is happening with your Ford Escape or Edge, our team here in Florissant can help you out. With years of experience and training from Ford, we've got the means to give our St. Louis customers the right level of care for the Ford vehicle you drive. Before you come in for your routine maintenance appointment, or to have something diagnosed and repaired, it makes sense to see if you can figure out the problem on your own.

We've taken many of the commonly asked questions from our customers and compiled a helpful series of answers for you to check out. This will hopefully help you determine what type of visit you need to be prepared for, and prevent you from having to miss out on any important routine appointments.

What Questions Do You Have for Us?

Customers in Granite City, IL know that the Ford vehicle is built to be tough and long-lasting, but the important thing is to remember that you play a part in this. Ford trucks don't last for a long time just because they were built to; they need to be properly maintained and repaired. Here are some of our favorite questions to answer, and we hope they help provide you with guidance on the next steps.


What is that dashboard light telling me? The lights on your dash tell you that you either forgot to close the door or liftgate properly, you need an oil change, tire pressure is low, and many other things. To better understand what each is saying, and which need immediate attention, we encourage you to check your owner's manual to better decipher the message your vehicle is sending you.


Can I skip this oil change? The short answer is no; you cannot skip an oil change. The oil in your vehicle acts as the lifeblood, providing lubrication, reducing friction, and removing foreign particles and debris that may otherwise enter the engine and cause damage. To forgo the oil change when it's due would mean that the old oil is still in your vehicle and has broken down to a varnish-like consistency from the heat of the engine. When not replaced with fresh oil, the old oil could damage the engine and fail to perform its job, resulting in costly repairs for you.


Do my brakes need to be replaced? You can usually tell a problem when you hear it. You will hear grinding or squealing when applying the brakes, or they will feel spongey and slow to respond. Vibrating in the steering wheel when trying to brake at a higher speed is also common, and if you experience any of these, you need to have the brakes in your vehicle checked out immediately for your safety.


Is my alignment overdue? An alignment helps you keep your vehicle on the road, and when it goes out of whack, you can tell because your vehicle drifts to one side on its own. This is another dangerous issue, and we recommend having an alignment every time you have new tires put on your vehicle. This will also prevent uneven tire tread wear.


Why are genuine Ford parts so much better than aftermarket? Genuine Ford parts are the best fit for your vehicle because they were designed to fit on your exact model to withstand its performance specs. You wouldn't want the same parts that go in a Fiesta to be in your Mustang, and even brakes and oil filters have specific parameters that must be met, and we know them all.


If you're ready to have us help you manage the care of your Ford F-150 or F-250, visit us from St. Charles and we'll be glad to get you what you need.